• Jon Michael

Privileged to trust. Not entitled to why.

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

As we sat on the sofas upstairs at the Yellow Deli in Pulaski, TN we talked with our friends. We were talking about life, families, work, the Bible, etc. Eventually the conversation turned to discipline. Specifically- how to discipline our children. Our friends then said something to us that is, I think, pretty profound. "We don't let our children ask us why. Or for something multiple times. Every time they ask us why they must do this or that- we simply ask them if they trust us. Every time they ask for something- we simply ask them if they trust us to meet their needs. Children fall away from God when they get older because they never learned to trust. They always received a 'why' from their parents and they grow up feeling entitled to that 'why.' God doesn't have to give us the 'why' behind his decisions. Many young people can't handle this truth because they never learned to trust their parents-and therefore God. We don't give our children a 'why' until they are older and understand grace. Once they understand that they do not deserve a 'why' for our decisions then we are free to give them. Because they see it as a gift and not as a right. Trust wins the heart. Not reason."

Wow. This blew me away. Trust wins the heart. Falling away because we can't handle God's sovereign right to withhold the 'why.' Reason having no place until trust is established. Winning a child's heart by being less transparent yet more eager to provide. These were some big thoughts.These were things I had never thought of before.

So as I journey forward with these new thoughts, I challenge you: Try to trust God. Stop asking why and start enjoying the relationship that comes when trust is at the front. Start teaching your little ones to trust God by teaching them to trust you. Win their heart first-and know that your Father is trying to win your heart first. He wants you to know that He's got this. Whatever "this" is. And He's got you.


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