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Focusing on Trust=Hope & Passion

                                        Hello All!   (Prayer Requests at bottom of page) 

            As we move forward in 2018 God is continuing to show his love and dedication in many ways. Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and partnership. I am new to keeping people updated with my life. However, I think it is important to touch bases with all of you. My life has now become God's work and He is doing many things. More orphans are added weekly in Mondoukou. More men have been called to pastor. So their is increased need for me to go and disciple these new pastors. Several new churches were planted within the past couple months. These too will need leaders to be discipled.  Praise God that the evangelism team is finding receptive ears! But how they need discipleship!

         For those that do not know: Brittany and I are mentoring into leadership over a healthy ministry. James & LaNelle are in their 70's and slowing down a bit. The goal is to reach every unreached ethnic group in Ivory Coast, disciple leaders in every church so they can minister to their own people, and gather orphans from villages through each church. Just wanted to clarify. The work has started, the field is plowed but their is much work to be done. 

  A little update about our missions fundraising and what God is teaching us:

We continue to sit at almost 50% of our needed support. This is great news in many ways! Please pray that churches follow through with their promised giving. This is our biggest obstacle currently. We trust God to move hearts. Speaking of hearts- We have met so many faithful believers who share our heart for God's name among the nations. It is exciting to be joined by great people who love the Lord. I find myself in awe of ordinary people with extraordinary faith whom I meet regularly. All over- God is moving. His Kingdom is that smallest of seeds which grows to become the biggest bush in the garden.

Spoiler: God's kingdom WILL NOT SHRINK- it will ONLY continue to GROW from here!

       Here's a little example of that: A few weeks ago James and LaNelle George (founders of mission in Ivory Coast) presented the Gospel to another unreached ethnic group. This was the first time ANYONE had shared the Gospel with this tribe. They joyfully received the Gospel. A pastor from another tribe felt led to stay and continue preaching every day. The local witch doctor was curious about what this man had to say. He invited the pastor to stay with him. Now this pastor spends each day explaining the gospel to this witch doctor and his sorceress wife! Many have already come to Christ and we trust that soon this witch doctor and his family will too. I don't mention this for dramatic effect. I mention this because I want to make a very clear point.

God does not fight like we do.

God finds the strongest place of the enemy and gets after it. Humans put their strength against an enemies weakness. God puts his strength against the enemies strength. He establishes that his kingdom is superior. This is true in Ivory Coast-and it is true in your life. The enemy's stronghold in your life is no match for the power of God. But how do we allow God to achieve victory? We focus on trust. That was the solution when we first got saved and it is still the solution now. Focus on trust. Any path, any thought, any action that takes you away from trusting more-is not your path. Usually the path of trust includes things that are bigger than us- that's the point. Trust His promises. Trust His character. Trust His ability to fulfill His promises.Trust that his intentions towards you are good. Trust that He knows best. Trust is the foundation of hope. Hope is the foundation of faith. Hope filled faith sets you free to passionately pursue God. When we put God in a box we lose our ability to trust in Him and our passion for Him. How can you trust a god you can contain? We must admit that we cannot contain God. We must determine to move according to His will and His way. Only in trust are we truly secure.

Only through trust will we see God move.

This is what God has given us for this next season of our lives and so we give it to you as well. I hope that this message finds you joyful and abundant. Whether it does or not, know this: You are more valuable than you could imagine. God set your value and nothing can change it. Every day he sees the infinitely valuable blood of Jesus over your life and he says, "That's my boy! That's my girl!" So move forth boldly beloved! No failure, no challenge, no obstacle, no mistake can ever change who you are in Christ! The greatest way to honor Him is to trust fully in what he accomplished on the cross! Thank you for your time! Below you will find a short list of our prayer requests.

Prayer Requests:

Healing for the orphanage's Pastor. Olivier.

Complications from Hep B and malaria have left him seriously ill. Only a miracle will save him now. Please Please pray for Pastor Olivier!

For churches to honor their promised giving.

If every church that has promised to give began giving- then we would have 65% of our monthly needs! Please pray that the Lord reminds these congregations of His desire to reach people through us. 

New Orphans:

The new orphans have been slowly trickling in over the summer. Much care is given to track down extended family. These girls have no one. They are all between 6-8 yrs old. Many have faced countless traumas. None understand why strangers would care for them. By the end of September all of the new orphans for 2018 will be at the orphanage. Please begin praying for healing, their health, and that they encounter Jesus who loves them. We know he is the only one who heals the heart. 

James & LaNelle's transition:

As Mr. James & Mrs. LaNelle prepare to transition us into leadership and themselves back stateside they need your prayers. The travel is becoming harder. The trips are becoming longer. Some of the orphans don't understand why James and LaNelle are gone so much. They are going to miss James & LaNelle desperately. Brittany and I will have big shoes to fill when we get there.

Progress in New Areas:

Please pray that more people will be drawn to the Gospel in these new areas. They know they are in darkness. Pray they recognize the light.  


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